Health & Safety Consulting Services

Health & Safety Consulting Services

The Health & Safety Services We Provide to Businesses

Health & Safety Consulting Services

Proactive Safety Solutions provides the confidential safety consulting services necessary to keep your business, your staff, and your reputation SAFE. Since 2010, we've offered various industries all over New Jersey and the United States occupational safety & health services designed to meet our customer's specific needs.

Our team with 20+ years of experience is here to make your business's safety program easy & understandable. In order to do that, we primarily break our services down into two broad categories: Baseline Safety Consulting and Advanced Safety Services. Within each of those broad categories we tend to do a couple of the same things for various business, but the truth is we do a lot of different things for a lot of different businesses. To learn more about what we offer, scroll through our main service offerings, check out some of the more general services we provide below, or contact us if you need help identifying which services might serve you best.

Baseline Safety Consulting Services

You can't build a home without a solid foundation, and the same goes for your business's safety programs. For new businesses, businesses that aren't sure if they're in compliance with safety regulations, or for any organization that's had issues with safety violations, worker injury, or other issues in the past, we always recommend baseline safety services to establish a starting point to help keep your company SAFE.

Safety Auditing

Safety Audits & Evaluations

Proactive Safety Solution's proven approach to providing safety evaluations & audits makes removing the guesswork from your business remarkably easy. We regularly conduct jobsite & facility safety audits to identify potential employee hazards, unsafe work practices and violations of OSHA regulations. Our safety audits are in a sense, mock OSHA inspections. Learn More >>

Safety Training

Through workshops and customized safety training sessions, we'll help your business develop a better understanding of the necessary fundamentals proven to keep your business SAFE. Whether that means classroom, on-the-job, or bilingual safety training, your safety and education is our number one concern. Learn More >>

Safety Training

Safety Policy & Program Development

Safety Program & Policy Development

Just like safety training, the customized safety programs and policies we design for your business are crafted to meet or exceed all OSHA requirements. We can create individual programs and policies for specific tasks and jobs, as well as create and design a safety manual that will be all inclusive for your entire company. Learn More >>

Safety Management Staffing

Not every business has the luxury, time, knowledge, or finances to effectively manage an in-house safety program, or in-house safety personnel. Proactive Safety Solutions assists numerous organizations across New Jersey and the US either with safety program management on a limited basis, or acting as a company's safety manager. Learn More >>

Safety Management Staffing

Advanced Safety Consulting Services

Once you have your safety program locked down, it's time to dig in deep and see if it's really working. With Advanced Safety Consulting Services, it's possible to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your safety program, from learning about how your company utilizes your safety program, to identifying potential gaps down the road, to getting management buy in to ensure your entire company is SAFE.

Safety Culture Assessment

Safety Culture Assessments

In order to improve the safety culture at your operation, it's imperative that your business is able to define the current culture. What does safety mean to you, your staff, your operation, and your community? Safety takes more than just a basic understanding of what's required, it takes a company embracing safety programs and policies. It takes a safety culture. Learn More >>

Safety Culture Development

Safety culture development is designed to educate leaders about safety issues, and how to encourage safety buy-in from all levels of staff members. Safety culture workshops are designed to help develop essential skills, traits, and behaviors necessary for developing and sustaining a high-performance safety culture in any workplace environment. Learn More >>

Safety Culture Development

Safety Performance Gap Surveys & Analysis

Safety Performance Gap Surveys & Analysis

Any business knows there is always room for improvement. Our Safety Performance Gap Surveys & Analysis services were created to allow us to help our clients easily uncover "gaps" and "areas of opportunity" within their organization. Safety Performance Gap Surveys & Analysis services incorporate meetings with all levels of management and multiple employee groups to determine where these "gaps" or "areas of opportunity" exist. Learn More >>

Leadership Development & Training

Leadership is the most critical component of a successful organization and applies to all areas of performance, not just safety. Without engaged leadership, performance fails to achieve optimal results. The degree of leadership at every level of an organization has a direct bearing on whether employees perceive management truly cares about them. Learn More >>

Leadership Safety Training

Health Consulting Services

Health & safety go hand in hand, which is why we offer a variety of health related consulting services to our clients. Keeping your organization safe from health-related issues is vital to running a successful organization, keeping efficiency up, and eliminating down time due to accidents or sickness. Our health consulting services are designed to do just that – keep you and your staff safe and away from any potential health issues so you can keep your business running smoothly. Health services as related to safety consulting covers a variety of options, including services such as:

Health Consulting Services

  • General Health Consulting
  • Silica Plan Development & Training
  • Guidance on Chemical Use & Storage (HazCom/GHS)
  • Worker Exposure Assessments for all chemical exposures in the workplace
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations & Investigations
  • Industrial Noise Surveys (sound level mapping & dosimetry)
  • Mold surveys to identify & quantify indoor fungal contamination
  • Health & Safety Plans (HASPS) written for hazardous waste site remediation projects
  • Blood Born Pathogen Guidance & Training
  • Hazwoper 8-Hr. Refresher Course (the annual requirement for employees completing Hazardous Waste Operations / Cleanup)
  • And More!

Additional Health & Safety Consulting Information

Over the years we've provided a lot of safety services to various companies. Some services are industry specific, while other safety services we offer are more generalized and applicable to many types of organizations. Regardless of what you may need, our safety experts can customize safety related services to meet the specific needs of our clients, such as:

  • General Safety Advice & Guidance
  • Health & Safety Plans (HASPS) written for all industries
  • OSHA Inspection & Representation Services
  • Accident & Incident Investigations
  • Insurance Loss Control Services
  • Surveys of Work Practices
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA/JSA)
  • And More!

Safety Consulting Services

The health and safety of your organization, your staff, and keeping you in compliance and SAFE is our number one priority. Not sure where to start? Unsure if we're a right fit for your organization? To learn more about how we can help your business stay healthy and safe, click here to contact us or call us anytime at (732) 270-2900.


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