Safety Culture Assessments

Safety Culture Assessments

Is there a culture of safety at your business?

How does your company's safety culture stack up?

Businesses that need to make improvements in their safety programs & policies can't expect results without changing the culture in their organization. Management buy-in and staff engagement can't happen without a culture of safety at your workplace.

In order to improve the safety culture at your operation, it's imperative that your business is able to define the current culture. What does safety mean to you, your staff, your operation, and your community? Safety takes more than just a basic understanding of what's required, it takes a company embracing safety programs and policies. It takes a safety culture.

Safety culture assessments by Proactive Safety Solutions are designed to provide you with the information you need to get started on the path to safety excellence.

Our proven approach includes the use of focus groups and management interviews to provide a 360o view of the safety culture at your organization. This assessment enables you to identify strengths and weaknesses within the current safety culture of your business thanks to provides real-time measurements.

Is there a safety culture at your business?

While some organizations have a safety culture, other's haven't had the need, or taken the time to develop and outline a safety culture at their workplace. Whether you're looking for significant improvements in your business's safety performance, or need to start from scratch, safety culture development is the key to creating a culture that will be embraced by your entire organization.

Evaluate the safety culture of your business.

Understanding the safety culture at your business through safety culture assessments is vital to understanding why your safety programs are succeeding, failing, or just getting by. To learn more about how safety culture assessment works, click here to contact us or call us anytime at (732) 270-2900.


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