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OSHA Cites Two Companies in New Jersey

On July 18, 2011 in a report by OSHA, a Sayreville, NJ manufacturer was cited for two repeat safety violations following a workers finger amputation at its facility. The violations involve failing to ensure equipment was turned off (Lock Out/Tag Out) and properly guarded to prevent contact with moving parts during servicing operations. This company was cited for the same violations in 2008. A repeat violation exists when an employer has been cited for the same or similar violation within any of its facilties within the last 5 years. The company which employees over 300 workers and manufactures plastic products for the food industry recieved proposed penalties for citations totaling $70,000.

On the same date a Voorhees based NJ company received OSHA citations. This company received 1 willfull, 2 repeat, 15 serious and 8 other than serious violations following a February inspection. The willfull violation was cited for failing to provide proper machine guarding to protect workers. A willfull violation is one committed with intentional knowing or voluntary disreguard or plain indifference to workers safety and health. The repeat violations were for failure to conduct periodic inspections of Lock Out/Tag Out procedures and failure to use equipment in accordance with its instructions. The company was cited for the same violations in 2009, therefore repeat violations. The serious violations included failing to properly post exit signs, properly store flammables, conduct a PPE Hazard Assessment, provide employees proper PPE, ensure that machines were properly anchored, develop proper LOTO Procedures, conduct monthly and annually inspections, remove defective equipment and several electrical safety violations.

The other than serious violations include failing to properly label chemical containers, create a summary of illness and injury logs, incorrectly completed, failure to record an injury of a temp-employee, and failure to maintain an OSHA 300 log for separate facilities.

This web printing company which has 260 employees has received proposed penalties totaling $170,000.

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